Terms and conditions


After you place your order, you will receive email from fidelitti.com providing information on your order status. The Contract of Sale between you and online store «Fidelitti» is concluded only after the complete payment for an ordered item.


Our team is looking forward to keep the information that is provided on our website about prices, product availability and item description up-to-date, some inaccuracies (such as outdated information or misprints) could take the place.


Prices and payment

Product prices do not include VAT as the shipping charge.

Once your order has reached fidelliti.com our Customer Service representative will contact you soon. After your purchase order will be confirmed, you will be introduced to payment options. When your payment is received, we will inform that the order is now processing and soon it will be sent.


Customer Service and Feedback

Any errors or defects in the good received must be claimed within reasonable time after such errors or defects were or should have been ascertained.

Our company is ready to receive complaints, compliments and any feedback in order to improve customer experience and to solve any dispute. You can find our contacts in “Contact Us” section.