Payment & Shipping

Payment and Delivery


We deliver via EMS shipping company or by regular mail. The estimated shipping time is 14-21 days for regular post, and up to 10 days for EMS. The average shipping expenses for EMS is estimated in $50-70, regular mail $20-30. After your order is sent, you will receive a tracking number. You can track your order via official EMS Ukraine website or using any other tracking service. Our Customer Service representative will contact you in order to confirm the order and to describe the payment options.



We accept payments by means of “WayForPay” payment system. “WayForPay” accept Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard Cirrus, MasterCard Maestro card. Be aware, that MasterCard Electron is not eligible for online payments due to MasterCard internal security restrictions.


The product is on hold only 24 hours, if the payment is not received within this time limit, the order will be canceled.
As the main currency of our shop is Ukrainian Hryvna, the currency exchange is processing in accordance with the National Bank of Ukraine exchange rate. The final price could different due to difference of exchange rate.

Refunded funds will be returned to the credit card, which was used for payment within 7 days after we receive the returned item.